Mazatlan Grill

We have food to spice up your day, and frosty drinks to make you chill, served with a Mazatlan style hospitality and ambience that will make you feel at home, yet miles away from the ordinary.

Rosalinda, born and raised in Mazatlan, is the heart and soul of our restaurant. With the help of her excellent staff , a multinational cast of characters, she makes sure that we excel at what we do with a consistency that our regulars have come to expect.

Chef Chuy and crew prepares authentic and regional Mexican dishes, specializing in Mazatlan style seafood, as well as the more traditional ďTex Mex ď that has become an American favorite. (Actually, Americaís number one favorite is still the hamburger, which we do very well too.)

Whether you want to go on a culinary adventure or stick with simplicity at itís best , you can be ensured of fresh food cooked from scratch, top-notch service and a great atmosphere.

At the Mazatlan Grill, the only place you canít go, is wrong.

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